Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Day Mini-Clinic

Dr. Vicki of Act V and vet student Lauren came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue May 26-27 and held a cat neuter clinic as well as helped community and shelter animals.  They provided vaccinations, worming, treatment for ticks, hotspots, allergies, and infections. They were able to neuter 8 cats and helped 6 other animals with major issues. 
 All the shelter animals were examined and medications were reviewed and prescribed. They also organized the RLRR medicine cabinet.

When they left on Monday they transported out a cat Muffet and her newborn litter of 6, and two other cats, Spike and Ty, all enroute to Feline Rescue.  Dr. Vicki also took little Dixie, a pregnant juvenile dog with a broken leg to her rescue, Act V, where she will get the care she needs.

After they left, then Nancy B. arrived with a load of supplies and food for the shelter.  Nancy helped with the chores Monday and Tuesday and left with Duchess, a dog with a severe foot injury going to Pet Haven with Dr. Vickie providing vet services.  Also riding with Nancy was little Blusey, enroute to Pet Haven.  Blusey was found at the Redby garbage dump with Ty the cat by our dear friend Avis. 

We are thankful at RLRR for these great volunteers who each do wonderful things to help out the Red Lake animals.  Without all the volunteers we could never provide the services we now are able to.


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Anonymous said...

Dr. Vicki, Lauren, and Nancy B.
are incredible angels for their work on behalf of RLRR. And Avis,
you continue to offer support to the mission of RLRR.....thank you. You are ALL appreciated!!!


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