Friday, June 7, 2013

Jocelyn (now Cyna) in her happy home

Cyna and Ethan :)
We got an update on one of our adorable pups who arrived on the 12/21/2012 transport from northern Minnesota. Cyna (formerly Jocelyn) was one of 4 puppies, originally from Red Lake Reservation). Leech Lake Legacy partners with Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to help in the placement and transport of animals from Red Lake. Our weekly transports include animals from Leech Lake and Red Lake Rez, the Bemidji Impound and Roseau Impound.

A big thanks to the awesome staff at the Buffalo Animal Humane Society for taking good care of our pups and loving them till they found their own special homes :)

Here is a link to photos of the 12/21/12 transport:

This morning we got updated photos of Cyna who is a growing girl ... and adorable as ever.

"She is doing very well.  She is up to 50lbs and still ALL puppy.  Our vet says she will be around 75lbs when full grown and she will always have floppy ears. J  She is smart and has learned all the basic commands, Sit, Say, Go.  She loves going for walks, but is also comfortable just sitting in the yard watching everything.  We still have her on a leash when we are outside since she appears to like to chase cars, birds and people.  We can only hope that she gets over that. 

She has been a good fit for our family."

 And here are more photos of this sweet girl ... 

Baby Cyna and Ethan
5 month old Cyan .. and still growing!!
Cyna and her siblings (when they arrived at Red Lake)
sweet innocent Cyna :)
Cyan (fka Jocelyn) .. her beauty shot at AHS :)

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful! And what a remarkable loving family for Cyna. So happy for her.


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