Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Windwalker, now Allie

I shall never forget the day I picked Windwalker up, and I had no crate so I chained her in the rear of the cargo van for the drive to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She came in with puppies I named Winston and Windy.
They all had mange, so did Windwalker. She was SO skinny.

She was very hungry and was trying to stretch and reach loose pieces of dog kibble on the floor of the van. She was desperate! Poor dear, took a week to gain enough trust in me to walk by me on leash and to finally get her fill of kibble.  A great turnaround occurred and soon I bonded with her. What a gal!!

On March 16th, Windwalker left for foster care at Pet Haven. A special thank you to Pet Haven and fosters for helping Windwalker along on her journey to a great home! 

Following are Windwalker's "After pics". What a beautiful transformation from the first day I met her-

Windwalker, now Allie, was recently adopted and she is doing GREAT.
I absolutely love her new home!  The couple said you are welcome to share an update/photos on your blog if you'd like.  Eventually she will be trained in for therapy work, as their previous dog was.  A quote from them:
Just a quick update on Allie. She seems to be taking to the new name really well. Treats are a GREAT tool!! She's still learning her surroundings and LOVES going outside! She actually barked this morning at the back door to go out!! Only 1 other time has she barked (at the "killer ducks" that made their way on to our patio!!). Jean got a neat video of that!! She walks and jogs with me just fine; she listens well and doesn't pull at all! She is just a little timid still, but that's to be expected. Every day brings more confidence!
Thanks again!

T & J

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Anonymous said...

This is outstanding news....we are so happy for Windwalker/Allie! A big thank you to Karen, Pet Haven, and Allie's new loving family. Please keep those photos and stories coming our way. Big hugs for Allie!


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