Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cuteness Alert!!

All the kittens and Mama Tehya are doing just great. My little black kitten hit 10oz. today and Baby Dot gained a whopping 0.7oz. from yesterday to today! I am very pleased that they are all thriving.

Oh, and Baby Sage's eyes are just starting to open a tiny bit today. Once Sage's eyes are open, then all the kittens will have their peepers wide open.

The first pic is Baby Sugar, that kitten is ALWAYS snuggling by Tehya's face.

The 4th & 5th photos are Baby Cream, that kitten is a love bug and always wants us to tickle its tummy!

I was able to capture Mama Tehya's look of concern that she bears every night as I weigh the kittens in pic 6. She always looks on like if she can read the scale! She is patient and calm as I handle the kittens to weigh them, but she does seem interested to know the numbers :)

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Anonymous said...

The cuteness makes you melt!


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