Monday, June 17, 2013

Cedric charms the ladies and loves his cat

Cedric arrived at the Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue in March 2013 with a very severe case of demodex mange.  He transferred  from Leech Lake Legacy as there were no options for him in his condition with any rescue in the metro.
This little pitbull mix pup was a very nice boy who was so happy to live in the cathouse bedroom.  He went out to do his business and was happy to return into the warm environment again. 

How Cedric managed to survive the cold Minnesota winter outdoors is a miracle. His severe mange meant he had very little hair to keep himself warm and his feet would bleed when he walked on them. 

Cedric was patient and quiet and was very lucky to get his opportunity for foster care with Susie and Matt at ARVSS on April 6th.

Cedric is doing good. Still has red paws and half way up his legs but his immune system has kicked in and he is healing fast--no more swelling.

He is good enough that he will be neutered tomorrow (yippee)

He spent the day running around our front yard with Arwin (Cinder Ella)--All my girls (we own 5 female dogs) just love having a boy around LOL!

I will keep you updated on his progress, but he is definitely on the road to recovery!

Thought you would like to know that Cedric's paws are looking really great! Not quite healed totally, but he is looking so good and walking a lot better!

He loves this cat of ours! Both want to play, but neither knows how to play with the other--it is quite funny--but here they are in down time :) 
How cute is this???


Anonymous said...

Oh Cedric is such a brave, patient soul. I know he was in so much pain when he first arrived at RLRR. It is nice to see him heal, even if slowly. Thank you all for helping this sweet little boy. Yes, he definitely is a charmer!

Kathleen said...

Extraordinary! Thank you the Leech Lake Legacy, Karen, and Cedric's foster mom. What a beautiful thing you've done!


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