Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Miracle for Big Boy

Big Boy, a community dog, first became known Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in 2009 when he was neutered. Then in 2011, he spent two months convalescing at RLRR after he came to us for treatment of a neck laceration from an embedded wire. He became our friend and since that time we have visited Big Boy with food, treats, and to check on how he was doing. He always greeted us with a smile!
Dr. Kim caring for Big Boy
We learned that Big Boy had been missing for 3 weeks. On June 11th, he came limping home, emaciated, dehydrated, and with the lower part of one leg missing. We believe he was caught in a trap and bit off or broke off his leg to escape. Thankfully, this was during the June clinic and the owner brought Big Boy to us.
Special guests of MN SNAP were visiting the clinic and happened to be at the warehouse when poor Big Boy arrived. Dr. Kim stabilized him and gave him pain medication.
In a twist of fate and remarkable act of kindness, one of the guests, Britt, who is a supporter of MN SNAP, offered to transport Big Boy to the Twin Cities on her family jet. As a result, he was able to leave that afternoon from the Bemidji Airport and was taken to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital for help. There was not a dry eye in the warehouse as all these events fell into place. It was as if we were all there for the sole purpose of helping Big Boy!
As we carried Big Boy aboard the beautiful white plane, it was like a dream come true. Here this very broken, humble Big Boy rode out with so much dignity. It was amazing! He had his own pair of private pilots and laid on a very cushy blanket attended by 8 very loving people, plus one puppy Cassidy, and an orphan duckling.

Karen :)

Big Boy immediately was taken to the U last night where a number of doctors ran tests and fell in love with him. Even though these amazing animals are all very special - he has already left a big impression on all of us including the doctors tending to him. 

They have controlled any pain - given him a bath and before surgery this afternoon I got to spend about an hour and a half with him. He cuddled with me the whole time. He would look at me and then put his head into me and would let me hug him.

I know you said Big Boy was your friend and I believe that your friendship with him deserves great respect so he will always be given the best. As all animals deserve the best - Big Boy has touched a number of us and I personally will cherish that.
Big Boy in happier times
I think about his timing yesterday and it teaches me that when there is a will there is a way and I believe that your heart and love for these animals works like that everyday to accomplish the things you do. He made it to the clinic when you were there and you let us take him and help him. He trusts you and loves you and something helped him make it. He is the epitome of unconditional love. He has been through a lot and still loves through it. The world can benefit from him as he is a gift to the world.

Thank you for everything.

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