Thursday, June 20, 2013

MN SNAP memories of June 2013 clinic

This is just a sampling of the photos in the album "Red Lake Clinic June 2013" on the Facebook page for Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program.

Teamwork! MN SNAP and Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

Beth, Heidi, Dr. Kim and Nikki on the shore of Red Lake

MN SNAP mobile surgical van and their first patient.

Mom and Pop of the Pug/Min Pin puppies. No more litters for these two!! Just more days of cuddling

Pug/Min Pin pups featured earlier this week on RLRR blog/Facebook. Looking for homes!

"Cat" didn't want to be bothered to stand up for his photo, he loved his pink blanket too much!

About a month ago a black lab named Big Boy had gone missing from his home. Today he came back, skinny and limping. He had gotten his front paw caught in a trap and had either broke or chewed off the first quarter of this leg to escape the trap. His bone was exposed about 3 inches while the skin and muscle tried to heal around it. He was rushed to MN SNAP and was given pain medication and IV fluids. A MN SNAP supporter, Brit Gage, had happened to stop by for the day and immediately made arrangements for him to be brought back to the cities for full medical attention. Please send your thoughts and prayers to Big Boy for a full recovery. He has been through an amazing ordeal, but the timing of his return could not have been better. Thank you to all the amazing people at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and Karen Good for giving this guy a fighting chance.

Post-op recovery area.

The dogs presented for surgery today were crawling with literally hundreds of ticks. The skin was irritated and left with large scabs and bumps all over - luckily these dogs had ticks removed and were treated with Frontline Plus.

A small sample of the THOUSANDS of ticks removed from ourselves and the animals presented at the clinic this week! :0

A surprise visitor down the road at the sanitation station!

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