Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Four small dogs need new homes


Jeanette has been a friend of Red Lake Rosie’s for years and has volunteered for clinics, worked at the shelter, and has done many transports during that time. 
 We send our condolences to Jeanette and her family on the recent loss of her sister, Regina.  Red Lake Rosie’s was honored to have the pleasure to take in 4 small breed dogs that were left when their guardian passed.
 The four including Buddy, Spike, Abby and Little Miss Jet arrived on Tuesday, February 26th and left on March 2nd for two great rescues into foster care.  Spike and Buddy went to Act V while Abby and Little Miss Jet went to St. Francis of Assissi.
 We enjoyed their company in the cathouse for the week, and are hopeful for great homes for all.  Thank you Jeanette for trusting us to place these four dear furballs!

Respectfully, Karen and RLRR

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Anonymous said...

Cuties! Hope they find their furr-ever homes soon.


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