Saturday, March 30, 2013


A load of goodies came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue the first weekend in March.
Ok, here is a photo of the Motley Crew in Motley, MN.
Vicki, Sophia, Heidi, Barbie, Tom, Terry M. (my brother drove over from Crosslake)
Eric of The Shed sent a load with John.  Tom met John in Motley and brought the load with Nancy. Also in the load was kitty litter from AHS.  Altogether about 4000 lbs!

Thank you all- We are well stocked here at the shelter thanks to all the transporters and donors from the Shed and Chuck and Don's!  Mee Gwitch.

The very next day, lots of "well fed, somewhat chunky dogs"  left after feasting at RLRR!!

18 dogs from Red Lake Rosie's and 6 cats from Red Lake Falls, Shanz Shack, and one dog from Bemidji rescued by the O'Sullivans!

Karen :)

John shared this photo -- a pretty universal experience for families with pets.
"I get up to go to the bathroom for one minute....I came back to find my bed has been taken over."

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