Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gertie gets a second chance

I saw Gertie on the highway looking for food last Saturday while returning from the transport.
I stopped because the little girl was in the middle of the highway and, when I saw her condition, I knew she needed help. She has one of the worst cases of demodex mange I have seen.
She came running to me for the food I put out and was put in the van and taken to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.
I sent pics to Dr. Vicky at Act V who immediately told me that she would take Gertie on the next transport.  She left on March 2nd and is settled into her new foster home with her new toy! 
Thank you Act V for giving Gertie a chance.



Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, thank you thank you, ACT V
for helping little Gertie! We are
hoping to get continuous updates and photos. And Karen, as always, we are grateful to you for
rescueing Gertie and getting her
the help needed.

Vicki Schulz said...

Gertie is going to her new home on April 1st! She is much improved with the demodex. Thank you Karen for her sharp eyes watching for road animals to save.


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