Monday, March 11, 2013

Lovely Lily

Lily is the third of the foster pups from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue cared for by Linda that recently found great homes.
Lily went to a nurse who has owned many dogs who lived to an old age.  She has an adult daughter who lives close by who will also be involved with Lily's upbringing and already has plans to have her out for runs on many dog trails and around lakes!

Lily was all curled up by the daughter when I left.
Hi Linda,

Thank you for bringing Lily to us.....we just love her.  Also thank you for taking the time to go over everything regarding her care, it helps to see it written down.

Here's an update on her status since you left her in our care. She barked for the first time when I was on the floor playing with her. She has been enjoying the blanket and the toy you brought. 

We found out that she has a good appetite and likes her water. We've been thinking of naming her Sadie, will let you know for sure soon. So far she is doing very well at going outside to pee and has also pooped three times. She is quite the snuggler, and seems so content......this makes us so happy. We can't get over how smart she is.
 My daughter Katy is a nurse and is working days for awhile so Sadie will be kept company in the evening while I'm working evenings.  I have Thursday off this week so will give her a bath.  I plan on calling her new Vet tomorrow.  This Vet has been our family vet since 1979.....a very long time.

Thank you for everything were a Great Foster Mom....and we will update you frequently.

K~ and K~ and Sadie  :)

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet little angel!


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