Friday, March 15, 2013

Update on transports

Red Lake Rosie's is so happy to have a network of friends who help with the transport of many cats and dogs to the metro area.

Tom and Nancy O'Sullivan recently purchased a Chevy Express Cargo Van to use for transporting animals, food, and supplies for Red Lake Rosie's, Leech Lake Legacy, Roseau Pound and Bemidji Pound.
 Heidi Hunstad has volunteered to be our transport coordinator and is doing very well.

We also want to thank volunteers Jenny, Teri, Kristin, Dee Dee, John, Nancy, Lauren and Mike and others who help the animals along their way.
We have had the opportunity to place and transport animals out weekly which is very important in the harsh winter months.

SAGE and her 3 kittens (Quip, Quark, Quaff)

We also are thankful to the many rescues who are stepping up to take animals regularly.



Anonymous said...

AND BARBIE OLSON!! One of our most Faithful volunteer transporters for many years! Karen :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Barbie always eagerly volunteers to help with transports.
Thanks, Barbie!!


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