Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rest in Peace, Elly May

Sad news about our Elly May Clampett, (aka MayMay, EllaBelle, Girl, Baby Girl, Elle), she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge Feb. 9th. Some will remember her as the young mother dog who someone threw hot grease on and burned her back about 7 years ago. Please see her previous blog post.

Though we only had a short time with her she was easily one of the best dogs we ever had and certainly the sweetest! A tumor had developed in her head and, as we opted for 'quality of life', she remained our steadfast and loyal pet for 13 months after her first symptoms. 

I knew that when she didn't want to help with chores any longer she would be ready to leave this realm. We had made an appt. to have her put down as her pain was so great even at the highest dose the vet would give her. That morning was the first time she ever refused to go to the barn. 

She was much loved by our grandkids especially Junior, who took her to obedience training for 4H and also taught her a few other things. Her loving boyfriend Buck, the Blue Heeler , was very sad as she had rejected him a few weeks before, I think it hurt too much to have him bump her unexpectedly. 

We have her ashes in a prominent place and will spread them over the flower bed that she so faithfully supervised the care of. She will forever be missed...and our newly adopted pup has some very big paws to try to fill. 

We are so grateful that you were willing and able to save her life, she was so worth it!  I have made another 25 bamboo dishcloths for this years booth at the TC Pet Expo, I hope you do well there!  

Kathy F.


pitbull friend said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Sympathies and hugs to you, Kathy and family.

Anonymous said...

This beautiful soul will never be
forgotten. It is comforting to know how deeply loved Elly May was by her family, both furry and human! What a kind, patient, understanding, and loving family
to share her life with.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you for taking such great care of Ellie Mae all these years. Her sister, Julie is still here at RLRR shelter. She was rescued a few weeks before Ellie Mae and had ddemodex, so she never got placed. She moved to the main house and lives here.

I am sad today to learn of Ellie Mae's passing but know she had a great life thanks to you!!


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