Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Heath (aka Bernie), a young St Bernard, had been living at a house with little food and no shelter, but his owner did not want to surrender him.

When the infection from Heath's mouthful of porcupine quills and his starvation became so serious that he could not stand, his owner finally agreed to give him to Karen.

Heath came to the Cities about 50 lbs underweight and with an extremely painful muzzle and mouth. The night he came down, we picked quills out of his nose and muzzle, as they surfaced. Several days later, he underwent surgery to have the quills removed, since most of them were submerged. With antibiotics and plenty of food, he gained strength very quickly.

Heath's temperment is as sweet as can be, and he is a great big puppy, since he is only about a year old.

Heath is now in his forever home with another large friend, and he is going to be a therapy dog! His adoptive family has named him "Gaag," which is porcupine in Ojibway.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this good report.
It was meant that Gaag came to
RLRR. We had been called last fall that someone wanted to surrender him--but when we got there to pick him up--they said they had just "given" him to a relative and we were very sad-- until we got another call in January that we had our second chance to save him!! We appreciate all who support the RLRR
effort which bears good fruit.l

Anonymous said...

We had heard about the initial attempt to rescue this boy, and
it is wonderful to now know that finally he is in his new forever
home with a family who will provide
for him. Thanks RLRR team and Gaag's new family....we are grateful to you.


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