Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ozzie: Abandonment still shows in his eyes

On May 5th, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call that a very hungry German Shepherd puppy was left behind when the family moved out some weeks before. I went in search of the little guy and found the him huddled next to a vacant house. He was at first leery of me- then wagging happily as I presented him with a handful of kibble. I named him Ozzie and he came with me to the RLRR shelter.

Ozzie was so hungry and ate many small meals of wet kibble mixed with canned dog food. We were concerned he would injure his stomach if allowed to eat all he wanted, as Ozzie would not stop eating. One day he happened to get into a bucket of food, and ate it all- His gut was rounded and Ozzie looked like a balloon.

After spending a little over a week, Ozzie left for TLC Canine Rescue where he remains today looking for his forever home. Ozzie was a wonderful dog and we grew to love him a lot. Starvation, especially for a growing puppy, is a horrible condition.

Thank you for all the rescues that take our needy animals like Ozzie and work with them as many are food aggressive for a period of time.

Also for the transporters, food donors, and the many supporters who provide financial assistance to help Red Lake animals.

Sincerely, Karen Good

Ozzie is a good boy that wants love and attention. He will not let his people out of his sight!

Thank You & Dog Bless
Lisa Quigley

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