Monday, October 6, 2014

Homeless no more

Micah was found wandering in a yard in Red Lake. He was very thin and was looking for food desperately. When the property owner was asked about the puppy she said “I don’t know who owns this puppy”. She was happy to surrender the poor animal to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue.

Micah was very hungry the first few days and we carefully fed him small amounts. He was wormed and vaccinated. Such a lovely puppy he was!

We were so thankful that Act V took Micah on the next transport. He got a great foster home with kids and they just loved him.

Now we got the good news that Micah got his forever home. No more starving or homelessness for this boy! With winter arriving Micah will have a great future now.

See ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation video Post of Micah's arrival with his foster family.


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