Thursday, October 30, 2014

Queen Emma: All grown up

Queenie was transferred from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to Tri-County Humane Society. We adopted Queenie on Jan 6, 2012 and named her Emma; she was 2 months 7 days when we brought her home.

We adopted Queenie because my German Shepherd/Husky, Daisy, was old and had cancer. I knew my time was limited with Daisy and I couldn't imagine not having a dog. 

Emma always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh. When I talk to her, she always turns her head like she is listening to everything I say. She is a great dog and we are happy we adopted her.

We have been fostering for another rescue for the last two years. When we bring home a new dog to foster, Emma will lay by their crate for a while at night. We think she is telling them they will be fine now and reassures them. 

Emma lives in the house with us, but loves to be outside, also. In the summer,  she will lay on the driveway and sleep. She does race to the front yard to bark at the occasional 4-wheeler or car that drives by. But there aren't very many because we live in a rural area. 

We laugh because she even knows how to spell. Sometimes when she pushes on one of us to go back outside, we ask her if she wants to go out by spelling it and she barks at us and runs for the door. 

At night she sleeps with my son, who just loves her. 

Emma does see one of her brothers once in a while because my ex-husband adopted him. His name was Tiny (he was the runt) and he is now named Shadow. Shadow is also spoiled. I have included a picture with the two of them together. Emma is on the Left and Shadow is on the right in the picture.


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