Friday, October 3, 2014

Tasha's rescue from the woods

An early morning call from a concerned resident wanted Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to come and pick up her dog as surrender. The dog had given birth that morning to a litter of pups. The people did not want the mother or the pups.

Jo and Polly responded to the call and brought out a beautiful medium-sized mama dog we named Tasha. They found Tasha and her babies out in the woods with no bedding, no food and no water. Tasha looks like a beagle crossed with a chocolate lab and is very meek and gentle. She has a longer body with little short legs. With a wound on her back and pretty thin, she checked into Red Lake Rosie’s shelter together with her little newborn family.

What a wonderful dog she is! Tasha is doing her best to feed her puppies in spite of her physical condition. Each morning and evening she gets a can of dog food and puppy kibble. Tasha is very clean and never has a mess in her kennel. She follows me around the shelter yard for exercise and to do her business and wants to return to her babies.

The day after her arrival, cold rains came and had not Polly and Jo acted when they did it is doubtful any of the babies would have survived. They are dry and warmly tucked in with soft clean blankets donated by Susan.

Thank you to Susan, Rae Ann and other blanket donors for helping keep our animals warm and comfortable. Also thank you to Jo and Polly for finding Tasha and making the long trek to the shelter.

Tasha and her babies are safe and doing well because of all our supporters.


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