Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Heartworm treatment for Rocky/Remy

Attached is a success story about Rocky (Remy) who was homeless at Red Lake with porcupine quills from looking for food. He came in with one other dog abandoned at the same house. He spent some time at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and then was thankfully transferred to Tricounty Humane Society in St. Cloud and was adopted.

Rocky had not been checked for heartworm before he left RLRR shelter, but he was a positive. Rather than reject Rocky, this young lady went all out to get him the help he needed. Please read her story.

Thank you- Karen

In May of 2014, I adopted my first dog from Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud, MN. Despite being only 24 years old and a graduate student with not a lot of extra money lying around, I knew I was ready for the responsibility of having my own animal. I even prepared a monthly budget for my new dog’s expenses, which later proved to be extremely insufficient! 

When I adopted Remy, a year old shepherd-mix, I received a list of all his vaccinations, medical history, and was advised to go to the veterinarian to get his overall health checked out. At this vet appointment, I learned that Remy is heartworm positive. Growing up with several dogs, I knew that monthly heartworm medicine was important; however, I did not know what it meant if a dog contracted the disease. 

Basically, when a dog is HW+, the treatment is not just a single pill and one vet visit. It involves 4 - 5 visits over a 4-month period involving several weeks of steroid medication and two deep-tissue injections of an arsenic-containing compound. This treatment is very risky, such that the worms start breaking apart inside the arteries and may clot if the dog exerts energy. My summer started with hiking and running with Remy to watching this high-energy dog be crated for almost 24 hours a day. 

While it’s finally October now, and he will make a full recovery, constricting a young Shepherd mix's energy for months is just torture. I am shocked that most people I talk to are not aware of what heartworm disease is or how complex and costly the treatment is. 

 I appreciate the help from Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, where Remy (old name Rocky) was originally found. It is because of their generosity I was able to keep Remy and pay for his treatment. He is truly the best dog and I am excited to be able to take him for his first walk soon.


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Anonymous said...

What an incredible loving and loyal family Rocky/Remy has found.
I am so happy for him and so grateful that he is safe, sound,
and very happy in his new life.
Thank you to his new family!!!


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