Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Alexus: Another dump pup

Polly took in a tiny pup, we named Alexus, found at the Red Lake garbage dump. What a sweet girl she is and we are so happy that Polly and Jo brought Alexus to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue!

Not only was Alexus abandoned, but she also could not walk when Polly took her into her custody! It is hard to imagine how someone would just leave an injured puppy at the garbage dump! After some nutrition and care Alexus began to walk with a staggering gait. Soon she was trying to run.

ACT V and Dr. Vickie kindly took Alexus into their program on Saturday, September 20th. Thank you Polly and Jo, ACT V, and transporters for helping Alexus. 

She went from the pit to the palace! We are expecting great things for Alexus. 

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

1. Plucked from the dump with a bad bum, this little gal will arrive from Red Lake this weekend. Injuries will be assessed and we'll keep you updated.

2. Riddled with fleas, and a broken tail, Alexus arrived safely this afternoon.
She is bathed, x-rayed, vaccinated, dewormed, fed, cuddled and placed in her foster home. Whew! Big day for this babe.

3. The x-rays show no broken pelvis, but she does have an upper broken tail. Maybe it has something to do with being thrown at the dump. We’re going to give her sometime. She’s about 8 weeks old and 6 pounds. Alexus tries to run but is not always successful. I think she has a chance at a full recovery. Carolyn spread her “juju” all over her so we’re sure she’ll be fine in a couple weeks!

4. Alexus had her neurology appointment and all is okay...!
Seems like whatever created her ataxic gait will resolve on its own. #wobblypuppy

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