Monday, October 27, 2014

October: A Record Breaking Clinic

Our recent October clinic was a huge success in many ways.

First, thank you to Dr. Lisa and her MN SNAP crew, we were able to spay/neuter a near record total of 104 dogs and cats!

A special thanks goes out to Dr. Katie, who provided wellness checks and vaccinations for an additional 44 animals! Dr. Katie removed porcupine quills from 2 dogs and provided much-needed emergency care for Koko, a 7 month old shepherd mix, who had eaten something toxic to her system. Dr. Katie volunteered her time with us and is a vet with our partner clinic St. Francis Animal Hospital in Roseville, MN. Learn more at:

Another record was the number of first time clinic volunteers- 13!. John R., a longtime supporter of RLRR, worked his first clinic with 6 of his friends. Thank you John for bringing Chris P., Stephanie G., Wendy H., Patti W., Jackie S., and Cass C. Cass not only volunteered, but she adopted Sadie, a RLRR shepherd mix. This is her second RL dog!

Also, first time volunteers Jenn G., Len and Caroline F., and Teresa, Bill and Dustin from White Earth Feline Rescue.

Another record, the most senior volunteer- Len F. Len is 81 years of age! He and his wife Caroline came up to check out what his daughter Deb F., has been doing in with RLRR for years. Len kept the cart moving, loading and unloading items


And thank you to Kim W., Deb H., Carma H., Julie C., Heather B., the 4 local youth- Whitney, Destiny, Vivianna, Elonzo- and of course Tom and Nancy O., who have all volunteered for this, and many previous, clinics. Without this great bunch of volunteers we couldn’t have accomplished what we did.

And yes, there is another record- the amount of laundry that piled up. Our washer and dryer were barely in working order, requiring us to install new ones before next April’s clinic.

We had a most significant year of clinics. In all five 2014 clinics, we saw animals in overall better condition, a direct result of better nutrition. Our praises to Karen for creating this change every day as she helps animals in distress and distributes food. Overall, there are less dogs being hit by cars, fewer embedded collars, fewer animals found at the dumps. There is still plenty of work to do for RLRR, but this year we have noticed a change that has us hopeful for the future. Thank you to EACH OF YOU that, in your own way, have helped make this change possible!


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