Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cleo & Minnie still looking for homes

Cleo came to Red Lake Rosie's rescue with her four kittens. (See earlier post with the whole gang HERE.) One kitten was half the size of the siblings, so the group was taken in by ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation for special vet care. Little Smidgen, we discovered had a serious heart defect and she died after a couple of weeks in foster care. Two of the other siblings were quickly adopted, but Cleo and daughter Minnie are still waiting.

Cleo was a young mother so she is just a year old now. A beautiful slim tabby, she is both full of energy and loves lap time. She is a favorite everywhere she goes. She has had coughing bouts diagnosed as asthma, but it is well-controlled with a couple of pills hidden in a treat every day and it may just be seasonal. She gets along fine with the other cats in the foster home, but would do fine as an only cat with lots of people attention :-)  Queen Cleopatra's adoption info HERE.

Minnie is a darling girl in a tuxedo. She is long and sleek like her mother, but definitely needs another kitten or young cat in the house as a playmate and nap buddy. She could also stay with her mom and be placed as a pair. Minnie's adoption info HERE.

The two siblings that were already adopted are doing great in their new homes; one family with young children and the other with a small dog. So I can safely recommend these cats for a home with either.

Contact ACT V to learn more about meeting these two!

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