Monday, September 22, 2014

Battling Heartworm

What do the Red Lake Rosie’s dogs Rayna, Fiona, Rocky, Teddy, Li'l Abner, Isabella and now Gilda all have in common?

The answer is, all have heartworm and all require treatment costing up to $500 for diagnostic and retesting, and a two-day stay at the vet for treatment of immeticide injected in the back. The cost of the treatment is based on dog weight. These dogs have all been residents of the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter in 2014 and have been treated at the Cornerstone Veterinarian Service in Gonvick, Minnesota. Rocky was treated in Minneapolis.

There have been more cases at Red Lake Rosie’s that have also been treated by Pet Haven, All Dog, ACT V and ARVSS Rescues in 2014.

Due to the high population of mosquitos and lack of heartworm prevention on the Red Lake Reservation, most dogs over the age of 2, unfortunately, have heartworm.

The average life span of dogs here is about 2 years or less, therefore many more dogs would have heartworm should they live longer without the necessary heartworm protection. We have introduced the Red Lake companion animal owners to the concept of heartworm and provided heartguard. We are all becoming more educated about the disease, its causes, and how we can prevent our animals from getting this disease which will cause a prolonged illness and eventually a horrible death.

We are asking our big-hearted supporters if you are able to help provide a donation to a Heartworm Fund to help our dear Red Lake animals. Donations to the RLRR Heartworm Fund may be sent to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, 23880 South Good Road, Trail, MN 56684.

Thank you so much for your kindness.
Sincerely, Karen Good

On retesting Rayna and Fiona have tested negative!!

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