Thursday, September 11, 2014

Red Lake Youth Helpers

Red Lake Rosie’s Clinics are a very busy time.

In addition to the activities of the clinic, many surrendered animals are transported each afternoon to the shelter where they must be housed, fed, watered, and exercised. We were thankful to have the help of Destiny, Vivian, and Almonzo after the clinic to help at the shelter to set up the dogs, puppies, and cats.

It is critical that we get the young people involved in the care of the animals at Red Lake. These 3 youths are role models which others may emulate. Collin is another dedicated youth volunteer from the St. Paul area who comes and helps at the clinic with his mother Amy.

We appreciate each one for their help and special talents they have. These great people represent the next generation of animal rescuers!!

Thank you!! 

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