Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August 2014 clinic

Another successful RLRR clinic! A total of 96 surgeries and 31 wellness checks that included worming and vaccinating many puppies. By the end of the weekend, 37 surrendered animals were transported to other rescues and shelters.

Theme for this clinic seemed to be puppies, kittens, and kids. We had a wonderful group of youth workers that included youth from the reservation and the Twin Cities area.

On our last day, just as we thought we got through a clinic without a trauma, 2 quill dogs arrived. A special thanks to MNSNAP’s Dr. Lisa and her team who stayed and took the time to help them. The same family also surrendered 12 4-week old pups. The mom was no longer able to nurse or care for them.


Thank you to all the awesome volunteers who helped make this clinic go so smoothly- Jean, Kristen, Allison, Deb, Ellen, Kim, Aurelia, Colin, Destiny, Vivianne, Elonzo, Carma.

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