Friday, September 19, 2014

Update from former RLRR dog, Cheyenne Alicia

Update as of 9/1/14

Hello guys!

Cheyenne Alicia here live and on line to say hi to one and all: I’m fine and hope you are all well, too. Just wanted to write and let you know how I am doing ever since Karen rescued me from the reservation nearly four years ago. 

I am thriving in my new home. Every day I am learning something new. Everything is so fascinating to me. This past weekend, I watched my mommy and daddy do a partial water change for our 55 gallon fish tank. I never saw such tiny babies, and they live in the water, too. If I did that, I’d drown. Those little fishes are so lucky because it is very hot down south, but they are living in a tank full of water.

I still have my own swimming pool, but don’t use it much because I live inside and don’t need it. We have air conditioning and fans to keep us cool when the weather is hot. Deer, raccoons, squirrels, birds, armadillos, and even a bobcat visit our property and call our eighteen acres home. 

I know how to sit, stop, stay, come and shake my left paw. I’m learning how to shake my right paw, but it’s slow in coming because it isn’t on my agenda to do so, because I’m part Siberian Husky, but mommy says I’ll learn because I’m such a smart girl. 

Did I tell you how very good of a girl I was last month? Daddy was putting away hard boiled eggs when one fell to the floor. I looked at the egg. I looked at daddy but didn’t touch it, and then he said I could have it because I was such a good girl and didn’t rush in and snatch it up. It was yummy too. 

Every morning we eat breakfast and then share daddy’s breakfast with him. Sometimes we have pieces of boiled egg. Sometimes we have a piece of bacon and other times we have a piece of fruit. I could never have imagined anything like this. I could never have imagined having a mommy and daddy ever and I love it. I love them. They are so good to me. I hope that all the other doggies and kitties can be rescued and have as good as a home as I do. 

The only thing I don’t like down south is the red ants and red wasps. They are both so mean. I got stung by a wasp last year, but mommy and daddy took care of it. Mommy gave me a Benadryl and I had no swelling or anything. My big brother Damon got stung last month but mommy and daddy took care of him too in the same way and he was fine. 

My mommy brushes my thick coat of fur once a week whether I need it or not and it feels soooo good. I look even more beautiful afterwards. And I’m even a good girl when I have my pedicure. I love having a mommy and daddy to take care of me, and love me and protect me and play with me.  

Thanks again for rescuing me. I am a very happy girl; safe and sound with my family. Hope you like the new photos mommy and daddy took of me to send with this update.

Until next time…be happy. Smile. I do now every day.

Love, Cheyenne formerly known as Alicia and not a very friendly girl. Now, I’m super friendly, with friends and family anyway. I still get scared with strangers and new things.


Cherie Winchester said...

God bless you for giving this girl such a loving home!!!! The world needs more people like you.

Anonymous said...

Now this is a story that makes my day! This is a undoubtedly happy little girl. I agree: The world needs more people like you and REd Lake Rosie.


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