Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mr. Red and Sister

We met Mr. Red, a juvenile shepherd last March. He had an embedded collar and was surrendered to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue by the owner. We had the collar removed and found that it was not badly embedded but required removal, cleaning and antibiotics. We had Mr. Red neutered and then he went to a rescue foster home.
Unfortunately, Mr. Red did not work out in the metro setting and was returned to Red Lake Rosie’s. Rather than have him become another permanent resident of the shelter, we decided to return him to his owner who was very happy to have him back. We made an agreement with her that Mr. Red was not to be collared again. It is never easy to let go of an old furry friend once we get to know one another, so Mr. Red is on the regular visit list. RLRR makes sure he has food, water, and shelter. We provide heartguard and tick prevention as well.
Mr. Red also has a sister. She was not spayed and attempts to catch her and get her crated and to the vet were futile. She had a litter of pups that were surrendered to RLRR last summer. Dr. Vickie of Act V was finally able to catch and crate her and Sister was spayed and treated for mange.
Both animals are well. Dr. Vickie, Lauren, Mike and I made another visit on December 16th to check on them and deliver food. We set up 2 dog houses with straw as they had no shelter. So our friendship with Mr. Red, Sister and their guardian continues.
I received a voice mail from their guardian. She said, ”Thank you for helping me take care of my dogs. I could not afford dog houses and we are so happy they now have warm houses. I love you!”

Thank you to the donors of dog houses, funds for spay/neuter, animal food, and supplies who help us serve the community animals. Although we had hoped to get Mr. Red adopted through the rescue, we think that it is a win-win for everyone!


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