Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Second group of helpers for winter prep

The same day Linda and Geri left, Darcy and her brother Wade arrived at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to complete the weatherization job. Darcy and Tom came to the rescue last fall and also helped with the tarping.
We had a good time finishing the roofed kennels and touching up the doors. Again, it was cold and windy, but they got the job done.
Darcy and Wade helped with the chores for 2 days. Wade also saved a kitten during the night that got his foot caught in a wire kennel. Had Wade not been there, we may have lost a kitten!
The weatherization of the outdoor kennels is completed thanks to a group of hardworking volunteers who traveled many miles to help out.
Thank you Darcy and Wade for the needed help!

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