Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ready for winter at RLRR

Our weatherization of the kennels at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is complete. I had two groups of helpers.
Linda, for the third year, came up and did a wonderful job installing heavy duty plastic on 18 kennels at the shelter. Her technique provides some solar energy and allows the dogs to see light instead of the darkness of tarped kennels. This was Linda's idea three years ago and she continues to work hard to make sure it is done properly. Karen and Geri tarped the doors of each kennel as it is more sturdy for the doors.
Linda arrived on October 23rd and stayed until October 26th working in the rain, sometimes snow, wind and cold to accomplish the job! She brought the supplies and tools she needed as well as donated plastic from Darryl Stromberg for 3 years. Darryl and his wife Mary adopted a RLRR dog last year.
As usual Linda got her kitty and puppy fix. On her way out Linda transported Claudius, a labbie puppy that arrived while Linda was here to foster care.
Thank you, Linda, Geri and Daryl for your help in making sure the dogs and puppies will be warm this winter!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping RLRR with this annual project....you are all


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