Thursday, November 29, 2012

Feather becomes a caregiver

On Thanksgiving we received a very special photo showing Feather and her little feline friend so very comfy as compared to the first time we saw her.

Back on August 29th, I was asked if I would bottle feed a little 10-day-old kitten that was brought up to a rural home uninjured by the family dog. Here is a picture of the little kitten perhaps a day after I got her.

Since she was ten days old, I gave her the name "Desi" which is similar to the word for ten in spanish. Desi was so tiny and I was concerned for her survival.

I had another foster momma with much larger kittens, so when I could, I placed Desi in the middle of these kittens as they slept so she could feel the warmth and heartbeat of other kittens.

Feather it really seems to me displayed her "mothering" instinct as she was right by my side whenever I bottle fed little Desi. She always wanted to lick the baby kitten and even wanted to "help" stimulate the baby's bottom to pee and poop. She was a great helper.

Desi did very well and blossomed into a lovely little kitten.

On October 12th, I received another 10-day-old orphan kitten that was the only survivor of her litter. This kitten was named L'il Bear before I got her. Feather responded the same way to this little one. I really think this was the mother in Feather coming out. She was always right there for the kittens. It was very cute to watch.

KAREN SAYS: It was a time to give thanks to the creator, and to all the fine people out there who rescue and support animal rescue. Feather is an example of "nothing is impossible" with love and patience.

Thank you, John, for this miraculous transformation.

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Anonymous said...

Just viewing these incredible photos and reading the attached stories leaves you in awe of what
kindness, patience, love, and
TLC can do for those critters who
need a little 'extra.' John, you
are a miracle worker and we are
grateful to you for giving life back to all of these cuties. Thank you Karen for helping Feather find her way into John's home and our hearts!


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