Saturday, December 17, 2011

Such handsome dogs!!

Three of these four dogs came from Red Lake -- Remember their formal portraits from last year?. They have had the chance to achieve their full potential and they are obviously happy and healthy (See this previous post with the Red Lake BEFORE photos of Dylan and Phoenix/Cinnamon). A BIG Thanks to their adopters and our supporters and rescue partners like Act V who make happy endings like this possible!!

I'd like to wish you a very Merry Christmas again this year!

Attached is a 2011 Christmas Card from 3 Red Lake angels. They are all doing very well - they all love to play in the snow (now that we got a little!).

Phoenix (aka Cinnamon) is teaching Casey to hunt rabbits - it seems to be her life long dream!

Luckily she hasn't caught any, but she's teaching Casey to stand very still and look in the distance - it's funny seeing them standing together, almost with identical stances!

Dylan is doing well too - he prefers to sit and watch them - chasing things doesn't interest him. He'd prefer to "supervise"!

Apollo still tries to chase his tail and is beginning to bark (thanks to Casey, who is teaching Phoenix to bark too!). She never barked before Casey taught her how! It's so fun to watch them learn from each other!

I've attached some other "fun" pictures of them too!

They are such a joy - thank you so much for saving them! I admire the energy and determination you have to save these beautiful animals.

Have a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Years!

C~ & T~

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