Monday, December 5, 2011

Poco: Home for the Holidays??

Lovely, soulful Poco came from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to Pet Haven where she is in foster care and looking for her forever home. She is doing great and her fosters love her.

*Hobbies: *Playing with other dogs, playing with people, napping, laying in the shade, and following the ladies, I am a ladies' lady.

*Commands/Tricks: *Poco knows "Sit, Down, & Come"; and is working on "shake"

*Crate / Potty Trained:*100% crate and house trained.

*Activity Level: *Poco will play with other dogs and with you, but will decide when she is done. If you are relaxed, she finds a place near you to lay down. Poco enjoys going for walks.

*Fun things I do: *I will cuddle with you if you let me. I will also lay on your feet and keep them warm if you let me.

*Socialization/who I currently live with:* Poco currently lives with a two large sized young dogs, Poco would be fine living without other dogs.

*My Ideal Family:* My ideal family would include me in whatever they are doing. I do not know about cats yet so that is a mystery. Kids would be fun though. And I could live with another dog or be your only pup. I am pretty easy going. Just looking for a place to call home.

October 2nd, we rescued this poor girl I call Poco from the Red Lake Reservation. She is very sweet, but was so starved and dehydrated you could see every rib in her body and her hip bones were protruding.

She was so hungry and had an eye infection.

She lived at a place in Ponemah that had been deserted for over a month. She had no
food and only water she could find in ditches and puddles.

She ran in the woods the first time we were there. Rescuers are Karen, Geri and Cathy.

Poco spent several weeks at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue then was kindly taken into foster care by Pet Haven.

We are so happy that we found Poco before winter came. Thank you for supporting RLRR. The animals are so happy and thankful, you can tell by their sweet spirit!

Blessings, Karen and RLRR

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Anonymous said...

Poco is gorgeous and looks so wonderful and healthy.....the only thing missing is that family to
love. Keep us updated on this little girl.


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