Monday, December 19, 2011

MN PAWS: Minnesota Progressive Animal Welfare Society

MN PAWS AT FUNDRAISERRed Lake Rosie's Rescue had a pleasant visit with new friends from MN PAWS (Minnesota Progressive Animal Welfare Society), Dr. Melissa, Angela, and Stephanie. DeeDee met them at the Medina fundraiser recently and she accompanied them to the RLRR shelter on Saturday, December 3rd.

We had a busy day and the vet team immunized and wormed 13 kittens, 3 small dogs, 3 large dogs, and 7 puppies.

They also helped with the dog and cat chores and brought gifts of medicines, food, and supplies to the shelter.

When they left, they took a small long-haired chihuahua named April (now called April May) and I've already received an update from Angie:

"April May is already in a foster-to-adopt home with one of our good clients. She is such a happy little girl, and has another little chihuahua-mix brother in her foster home. I miss, I am the biggest foster failure so it's a good thing she went to her new foster home so quick. Once we get her teeth cleaned, she will be up for adoption, and I am pretty sure her new foster mom will adopt her:)"

The MN Paws Rescue group also met Victor, a lab mix dog who has a old break in his leg and he walks oddly. They are hoping to get him some orthopedic help in the future.

The Mn Paws team would like to be supportive of Red lake animals on a continual basis for which we are appreciative.

Dee Dee came to the shelter Sunday, December 4th, and took a load of animals out to Tricounty, Minnesota pitbull Rescue, Feline Rescue, and Pet Haven. Thank you, DeeDee, for all your hard work and networking for RLRR.

Sincerely, Karen


Anonymous said...

What a great group of wonderful
animal lovers! You have made a huge difference in many communities
with your dedication to helping the
animals.....and you are appreciated.

Lake Oswego Veterinary said...

You can see in the way the animals smile how they truly enjoy the company of these good people:-)


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