Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Just thought I'd share a link to a series of articles about the spay/neuter clinics in Red Lake written by Mandi of RescueWire. BTW, I am on the board of this new group.

"RescueWire was conceived when a need was recognized for a centralized source of news and resources in the world of animal rescue. A common ground for rescues and their advocates to discuss issues big and small related to the work performed by volunteers and passionate animal lovers each day.

Our mission is to be an information hub for animal rescue and welfare organizations and their volunteers, providing a central source of knowledge and education while being mindful of the various methods and missions of animal rescue efforts nationwide.

An online magazine format was chosen as a result of research finding that printing and distributing a "hard copy" magazine would not achieve our goal of being a wide-reaching resource in a timely manner, nor would we be able to provide high quality production while maintaining as low an operating cost as possible - respecting our core audience and their fiscal priorities.

As the site grows, it is our long-term hope that RescueWire expands into real-life learning opportunities - seminars, curriculum development, speaking engagements - and other possible outlets for education and idea sharing."

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mteacup said...

Here is the direct link to Rescue Wire


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