Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from some Red Lake dogs!

Three of these four happy dogs are special needs dogs/pups that found their home with Tammy & Cliff. We want to thank Dr. Veronica Bartsch and her staff for saving them and finding them this great home.

The three from Red Lake are: Dylan who was not able to walk on his hind legs; Phoenix who was found with puppies, starving, full of mange, and shy; and Casey who came into a clinic with head development problems.

It is such a great story and makes all our work worthwhile.

Karen RLRR

Hi Karen! Thought I'd send you a Christmas greeting from several dogs - three from the Red Lake reservation.

CASEYCasey (the pup whose skull wasn't completely formed) is doing very well.
His skull has fused together, so he's back to running and playing like a
normal pup! He's affectionately called the "little construction
worker" since he's a big, solid puppy - and will try to go through things instead of around. He's got a lot of energy, but will only play with approved toys. I have stuffed animals around that he won't touch - he's very bright! He's about 11 months now.

PHOENIXPhoenix (aka Cinnamon) has become Casey's mom, and is constantly playing with him, but also is the disciplinarian. She went to obedience class this year and has passed her Canine Good Citizenship test! We're so proud of her! She is such a sweetheart, and quite a hunter. She's caught mice and loves to teach Casey how to chase squirrels. She's teaching him every day (is that good?) :-). From our guess, she's 3 years old.

DYLANDylan is doing very well, too, and loves to play with Casey. He has several nicknames "The Prince", "The Doctor", "The Scientist". He's very respectful of everyone and won't discipline Casey (that's Phoenix's job!), but will play fight with him lying on the floor for hours. He's become quite the talker.I'm thinking Casey may be learning this vocalization from him!. :-). He has become quite the prim and proper gentleman. He also went to obedience class this year and passed his Canine Good Citizenship test! He did so well! Dylan is 2 years old now and is starting to tease.(terrible 2's?)

APOLLOApollo has taken the role of "Uncle" to Casey. He occasionally tries to play with Casey, but I think Casey is still a little awed by Apollo's size, and will just wiggle his butt like crazy and try to give him kisses. It's pretty comical. Apollo is almost 10 - and still chasing his tail!

Thank you for everything you do for these animals. They are so precious.
Have a safe and Happy Christmas & New Years!



Anonymous said...

Look at those smiles!! Thank you so much for giving these beautiful animals a good life!!

Anonymous said...

Little miracles during the holiday
season.....beautiful. Thank you
all for giving these special angels
a bright future, full of love, health, happiness, and wonderful

mteacup said...

Special Ed! What a beautiful guy. Quite different then the frightened little pup at the clinic


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