Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New friends and old

We are happy to have more old friends and new friends visit Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. On November 12th we had a special guest Lisa visit the shelter. Her friend Erin rented a cargo van and Lisa drove it packed with food and supplies from Chuck and Don's picked up and loaded with the help of Dee Dee. Our cupboards were practically bare at that time and the cat and dog kibble was a real blessing.

Lisa met many of the dogs and puppies, and on Sunday November 13th took a large transport out including 20 puppies and 3 adult dogs to the metro to meet various rescues there.

Mike was also at the shelter from the weekend working with the dogs and cats, as well as preparing the shelter for winter.

We enjoyed a meal together with Lisa at the Riverroad Casino on Saturday night which was a real treat.

Thank you Erin, Mike and Lisa for a great weekend.

Sincerely, Karen


Anonymous said...

What a great team.....thank you
for helping Karen and RLRR....you
are terrific!

mteacup said...

Karen - please let us know when you are low on supplies and we'll get the word out!


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