Friday, December 9, 2011

We love updates on RLRR animals :-)

Got an update on a former foster tonight - Regi who I fostered thru All Dog Rescue back in November 2009.

RUPERT NOW"Hi Mary, just thought I would give you an update, as another year has gone by.

Rupert is great!!!! Everyone thinks we have the best dog and I have to agree.

He still sings to the TV and loves to sit and watch TV after his walks.

I am still being stopped all the time people wanting to know what kind of dog he is because he is so good-looking.

REGI/RUPERT AT RLRRThanks again for helping to bring Rupert to us. We will always be grateful!!! "


Anonymous said...

What a great update- Thank you Mary for fostering Regi and getting him on to such a great home!!

Anonymous said...

How handsome he is! And what
a great loving home he has found!


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