Friday, November 19, 2010

Meet & Greet RLRR cats & dogs Sat. Nov. 20

Meet and Greet Red Lake Rosie's Rescue foster cats and dogs! S'kittens plan to be there.

When: Sat, November 20, 12pm – 2pm
Where: Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet in Wayzata

Sabrina and Scarlett: s'kitten sisters
These two kittens truly are bffs and will be adopted out together. I haven't been able to get a decent, recent photo of them together, however. Here's Sabrina:

SABRINAShe's a snuggler who loves to be cuddled. In this picture, she looks a bit mischievous and ready to play. She and Simone are the ones who follow me around the most.

SCARLETScarlett is kitty-crushing on James, my big orange boy-cat. He's tolerant and, frankly, happy to have a feline friend. My other cats don't really care for him for reasons I don't fully understand. Maybe because every human who meets him falls in love. They're jealous!

Sassy & Simone enjoy FarmVille

SASSY & SIMONEHey, Sassy tried to send a fax the other day. Why not play FarmVille?

Simone bounces back

Simone is the smallest of the s'kittens. When she came to me, she was under a pound. She gained weight slowly and has been consistently a pound or more lighter than the others. There's a big difference between two pounds and four pounds in the world of kittens.

SIMONELast week, we almost lost this little one. She was not eating and doing poorly. The vet thought she might have FIP or kitty parvo. There didn't seem to be much hope, but we gave her some fluids. One miracle and one week later she is thriving! Now up to 2.43 pounds, she may never catch up to the others in size, but she is healthy and active. (For comparison, Sterling is over four pounds and the other three girls are 3-1/2 to 4 pounds.)

Like Sterling, Simone has the lovely swirly markings of the classic tabby.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that Simone used to be Simon. It's hard to tell sometimes on the itsy-bitsy cats. Oddly, I always thought 'he' had a girl personality. Yes, there's a difference.

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