Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shilo update

Update on Shilo, a pup from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue that was fostered and adopted our by Animal Ark:

Shilo is doing very well at our home. We have now had her for about six weeks. In those six weeks she has about doubled her weight. Last week she was 29.2 when we took her to the vet to get here rabies and booster and has gotten a little taller. You really see is in how she has filled out in her face and chest area.

I've attached some pictures for you to see. The first one with her in her kennel is a night after puppy play group. She was one tired puppy.

The first thing she learned was how to go up and down stairs. We live in a split level home and to go out to the backyard you need to go downstairs. She learned this in about two days. With learning this, she also learned to go into the basement where the two older boys live. She is a great alarm clock for our middle child as that is the first place she goes after she is let out and eats breakfast.

She has attended puppy play group for 4 weeks. The first week she was very timid and hid behind either Mark or myself. The next time we took her she was all into it. Playing with the toys and the other puppies. Now we are looking at some obedience training.

She loves to play fetch and we are working with her on returning and dropping the ball. She loves to run in the backyard. A few weeks ago we where raking leaves and she played in them almost like a child would. Jumping in them and running around. I wished we would have gotten that on video.

We have noticed she also loves to dig holes in the backyard, but that might be due to the fact we have a summer pool that we take it down in the fall, so the area under it is just dirt. Because of this she has learned to enjoy her bath time. She gets one about one a week, unless she gets really muddy.

We are still working on potty training, but we know that comes with time and it is mostly training our boys as to her signs that she needs to go out.

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Jo Tallchief said...

Awww, what a sweet story! Thank you for the update - happy holidays to you, Shilo and your family!! ^_^


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