Friday, November 12, 2010

Tarping Party 2010

The RLRR winter preparations were made just in time! The weather is changing here now and we are feeling evidence of winter just around the corner.

AMY & DENISEDeeDee brought two new friends of RLRR, Denise and Amy, over the weekend of October 23 and 24. The kennel tarping was almost all completed by the very hard-working team. What a great blessing.

When the work was over Amy decided to take Yana in as a foster dog for Pet Haven. As you can see by the pictures Yana was clearly "buttering her up" with kisses.

YANA & AMYYana had a rough start and and when came to the shelter she was suffering from malnutrition, mange, and contracted parvo. She made it to the clinic and was spayed and became one of the favorite dog personalities.

She is very sweet and fun-loving and we are so happy she is now in good hands with Amy and Pet Haven.

We want to thank all the tarp and zip-tie donors as well as the people who helped put them up including Jeff, Andrea, Amy, DeeDee and Denise.

MOHAVEThis group also transported Mohave to MARS. He came in very malnourished, and went to the clinic where he has diagnosed as parvo positive. This little guy is a strong fighter and recovered very quickly. He is on the shy side and runs away from us. Hopefully the foster home will help him gain the confidence he needs.
He is darling.


It was very nice to meet you, Karen, and see the shelter. Both Denise and I will be back to do more. Yana is doing very well. She slept the whole way home and got a quick bath last night before sleeping for 10 hours.

Colin loves her already and she gives him puppy kisses and ear nibbles. She and Jake are figuring out how to play together. Laura asked if she could be in the Pet Haven Benefit fashion show!

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