Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tilly -- a job well done

It's a good thing this litter of kittens didn't end up being fostered at my house -- black & white tuxedo kitties are my FAVS! And, check out Tilly's cute nose!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tilly is a very cute girl who came from Red Lake Rosies Rescue with 8 kittens. Tilly was an excellent and caring mom but 8 is enough to wear anyone out!

Tilly continued to feed and care for them for another couple of weeks after we took the kittens and then she was simply exhausted. The babies were eating dry and canned on their own and we gave her the break she deserved.

TILLYTillie (the new spelling of her name out of respect for a dearly loved relative in her new family) was the first of the group to be adopted! It doesn't happen very often that mom gets a new home before the kittens and we were all happy to see her off and able to be a playful and busy girl on her own.

Tillie loves to greet the guests in her new home, she plays and comes for attention, rubbing against ankles and racing up and down the stairs when she goes to visit grandma and grandpa's house.

Here are pictures of some of her babies too - 5 of the 8 have been adopted.

KLAVIERESKIMO PIEChickadee was the runt and took several months to recover but is now a similar size to the other girls.
ECLIPSEEclipse was the biggest one, a boy, from early on.
ECLIPSE NOW They are about 6 months of age now.

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Joan said...

Wow 8 black & white kitties. Denise, that would have been a great photo op in your house with your big black & whites.


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