Monday, November 29, 2010

Mike to the rescue again!

Mike came up Friday November 5th and stayed at the shelter until Sunday when he took out 4 puppies on to their destination at Second Hand Hounds.

MIKE & BOBCATIt was a very busy weekend as Mike worked so hard getting final preparations for winter done. He is especially skilled at using the Bobcat. He started by removing all the piles of straw from kennel cleaning which had built up. Then the project of insulating the cathouse addition by insulating with tarp and then placing 2 tiers of straw around. This prevents our water pipes from freezing as well as reduces our winter heating bill. Mike did a perfect job.

CALYPSO, MIKE, AND WINTERIZED GUEST QUARTERSOn Saturday we answered the call to rescue 3 female adult dogs at Barton's and McBrides Housing Projects. One was preganant, one in esterous, and we are not sure of the other one. It was rewarding to get these 3 unspayed females before winter hits or there would be coutless animals suffering in midwinter when the weather gets cold.

We also delivered food to residents in McBrides Projects east of Redby.

Needless to say the storage barn needed more organization. Thanks to Mike we have shelving units in the barn, and when he comes up he manages to get the area better organized.

BUSKYBUSKYWhen Mike left- he took Busky, a larger lab pup; 2 tiny pups Tiffany and Tiane; and Cheyenne, a larger shep pup all enroute to Second Hand Hounds.

TIFFANY & TIANNEWe are so happy they stepped up to take Cheyenne who arrived Thursday night with Nancy, a teacher from the Circle of Life School in White Earth. Her former student had called that their puppy was hit by a car and was injured and Red Lake Rosie's got a call.

CHEYENNEShe was put on pain management while we sent out her picture and story to many rescues on Thursday night. It appeared Cheyenne has a broken right leg, and a broken tail. Well, before the night was over, Second Hand Hounds heroically responded and now there is hope for Cheyenne.

Thank you Mike, and Second Hand Hounds for making it possible for this special transport to the metro. Thank you Lauren for coordinating all the transports. So many people make the rescue of these animals such a successful possibility. It takes teamwork and we have wonderful people on our team!

Sincerely, Karen

Cheyenne is having surgery tomorrow. She will need plates in both her front left and rear left legs. Although it is very expensive, she is well worth it! Everyone who meets her loves her. Thank you for saving her!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mike, for helping Karen with so many projects....her "to do" list is endless and your help is certainly appreciated!

Jo Tallchief said...

Wow - that's a good update! Thank you, Mike, for helping Karen - good ideas for insulating the cat house!! ^_^

kflute86 said...

Great work Mike. How is Calypso? She is a great dog. I enjoyed helping with the October clinic.


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