Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meet & Greet RLRR foster cats & dogs

Meet and Greet Red Lake Rosie's Rescue foster cats and dogs available for adoption!

When: Sat, November 13, 12pm – 2pm
Where: PETSMART at 494/35W in Richfield

I took in a cat from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue with a belly full of kittens, ticks in her coat, and a BB in her butt. Well, the ticks were removed right away and she gave birth to the kittens just a couple of days after arriving at my house. The vets removed the BB when they did her spay surgery. She is anxious for her fur to grow back, but even more anxious to find a new home.

CHARLOTTEI named her Charlotte after my favorite cousin. She is a lovely young gray tuxedo with sort of a sweet old-fashioned attitude. I think this was her first and last batch of kittens. She was a wonderful mom, but she did seem a bit dismayed and overwhelmed when they were first born.

CHARLOTTEShe has four beautiful kittens -- three girls and one boy. All are ready for new homes, fully vetted and spayed or neutered. They all have wonderful calm personalities and respond well to respectful children.

AMELIAAmelia is the smallest by a little bit, but she has always been the most adventurous. She is a dilute tortie (gray and tan) and I love the freckled look of her face.

SERENASerena is standard tortie (black and orange). She and Amelia are best buds and they are generally playing or sleeping together. What a darling pair! She is a little shy about new things, so going to a home with a sibling or mom would be great for her.

SERENA & AMELIASAMANTHASamantha is the princess. A dilute calico with medium length fur and a funny clown face. She is as laid back as a rag-doll cat. Happy most of the time to lay around and be decorative.

DARENDaren is the only boy. He is in a growth spurt now. I call him my little bear with his cute face and gray tabby fur. He hides a perfect white bikini on his abdomen that I love. Don't let his serious face fool you, he is a lover and Samantha definitely has a crush on him.

DAREN & SAMANTHAYou can see more photos and read more about these kitties on our website. Fill out and submit an adoption application if you would be interested in meeting them in their foster home in Minneapolis.

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