Friday, November 19, 2010

Jazzy Jersey

Jazzy came in to the clinic from Ponemah in August clinic. The people did not pick her up and we ended up taking her back to Redby. The owners, however, caught up to us on the highway and when they found out Jazzy, then only 3.5 lbs had mange they decided against taking her back. They had found her at the garbage dump a few days before the clinic.

Heather, a clinic volunteer, had decided to take Jazzy into foster care. It was discovered Jazzy also had Giardia and a broken bone in her toe.

Here's the update on this little girl and the "foster failure" of Heather and her husband Mike. Doesn't she look beautiful!!

Thank you for adopting her!! She is definitely a keeper!

Peace- Karen RLRR

Hi Karen,

I just wanted to drop you a not to let you know that my "fostering"
of Jazzy did not work out so well and I have failed. Mike & I have grown so attached to her that the thought of her leaving us breaks our heart so we have decided to keep her ;-)

Mike didn’t like the name Jazzy so we decided to change it to Jersey as this is similar and did not confuse her. She is a wild yet wonderful bundle of energy. She loves to run and chew. We have given her some of the most indestructible chew toys and that has saved our furniture, rugs, and walls. :) Thank goodness we are almost through the teething stage.

She is very smart and learned to sit long ago. She is now learning lay down, stay, fetch, drop it, & leave it. She is catching on very quickly. She loves other dogs and goes to puppy play time every Saturday. We also start puppy kindergarten this Weds. I'm so excited to see what she can do.

She's a good walker and potty trained pretty quickly. She is still ravenous when she eats but is much better about taking treats.

She has grown from her original 3.5 lbs to her current 22 lbs and she continues to grow like a weed. I think that at this stage she is definitely going to outgrow Lily & possibly even Saber.

Everyone in the neighborhood just loves her and are excited to watch her grow. When the humane society van was at my house right before your last clinic to pick up the kennels and other supplies I had, one of my neighbors called me because she was worried that Jersey was leaving to go to another home. I assured her that she was safe & sound inside, asleep on her pillow.

Well, my quick note has become a long one so I will wrap it up. I hope you are doing well and that everything at the shelter continues to work out okay. I look forward to coming up and helping you at future clinics and other times after I am done with school in January 2011. I estimate I will have a lot more time after that. The only condition is that I don’t "foster" anymore animals. :)

Please take care!
Heather & Mike (proud parents)
Jersey, Saber & Lily (pampered puppies)
Chloe, Alex, Allaura & Zelda (crazy kitties) Balina (huge horse) Cadbury & Mama Bunny (beautiful bun buns)


Anonymous said...

A beautiful story.....thanks for
fostering, well, and failing (!)....looks like Jersey is in
the best home in the world. Have
a wonderful time with this little

mteacup said...

OMG Jazzy! She was so tiny, I would never guessed that she would get that big. Awesome story!

Welcome to the elite ranks of foster failure!

mteacup said...

I have a couple of photos of Jazzy at the clinic


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