Monday, January 23, 2017

Saint Nicholas

Just a day before Christmas a very special gift came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue from a kind lady named Connie from a community not far from Red Lake.

Nicholas was found freezing on a chunk of ice nearly dead as it was -20 below outside that morning. He was rescued and it was discovered that he could not even walk as his claws were ingrown into his foot pads. Poor boy was also very old.

His matted fur was shaved and after a few days he was sent to Red Lake Rosie's for convalescence. It was discovered that St. Nicholas was feline leukemia positive which was confirmed by a saliva and a blood test. Nicholas has his good days and bad days. He sometimes has a ravenous appetite and sometimes no appetite at all.  

RLRR is trying to make him as comfortable as possible though the outcome is not certain for Nicholas. He will have further blood testing in the upcoming weeks.  

Thank you Connie and all involved in his rescue and for entrusting his care to RLRR.    


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