Sunday, January 1, 2017

Fowl friends find home before foul weather

One day an unusual call came to RLRR shelter- Would we take two ducks and a chicken? Well, of course we never say “no” so began our adventure with Drake, Ducky Doodle and Henny Penny. The owner had bought the chick and ducklings at the Fleet Farm and had taken great care of them through the summer. But now it was fall and there was no way to shelter them so they called on us.

We first were able to catch Drake, but then the other two were wise to our plan and evaded us. Kathryn and Karen stopped over that evening and Kathryn was able to catch Ducky Doodle who was the most difficult, dodging us in bushes, and was a fast runner. 


The owner said that Henny Penny was raised with the ducks and thought she was a duck, so separating them was not an option. Also, we did not want them to end up on any Thanksgiving dinner table so we wanted them to go together to a hobby farm. Jenny Fitzer found just such a home and the threesome left on Sunday, November 13th for the new home.

These photos show them being introduced to their new home. The white rooster, Coyote, is the boss of the chickens. He had to come over and assert his dominance over Henny Penny right away. After a couple of minutes, all was settled and he accepted her into his domain.

The second-in-command rooster came over afterwards to try to make nice, but Henny Penny was more interested in going with her duck friends to meet the ducks from earlier this summer :-)

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