Saturday, January 21, 2017

Chuckie recovers from rickets

Chuckie was surrendered to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue because his legs were crooked.  Often puppies are surrendered with a condition called "rickets" which often results from prenatal and postnatal malnutrition.  The bones do not develop properly due to mineral deficiencies.  We use nutritional treatment and give time for the legs to straighten and we have never had a case that could not be corrected with our patience and good quality grain free canned and kibble.

Chuckie came in with the condition and was taken by Jean of Carver-Scott Humane Society.  As the photos verify he became a healthy pup and now has a bright future with his new family!

A special thank you to the donors for food and transporters for delivering the food. Also to the rescues who take our puppies and help them heal and find new homes.

Good morning Karen.  Attached is a new photo of Chuckie. He overcame rickets, and his legs have straightened out and are strong. He turned into a typical mischievous puppy, and his foster family adores him.

Thanks for trusting him to our care.


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