Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ringo is a star!

Ringo, a darling pug mix, came as a surrender to Red Lake Rosie’s shelter in the fall of 2016, because he had a broken leg.

Ringo spent only 2 days at the shelter and was taken by our friends and partners at ARVSS, in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. He was transported by Nancy, Jenny, and Barbie on to Black River Falls to meet our friends from ARVSS.

We recently got this good news about Ringo’s recovery:

Susie says, “Ringo is doing great! He got his cast off about a little over a week ago and is using his leg and building up those muscles again!

We just put him on the web to be adopted :) He doesn't sit still so it was really hard for me to get pictures of him once his cast came off !”

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue gets injured dogs and cats very often and we are so thankful to the rescues like ARVSS that take our maimed and sick companion animals and help them heal and find new homes!


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