Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How Stella got her Groove back

A little husky shep came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in late summer with mange and the condition of rickets which is from prenatal and postnatal malnutrition. We named this sweet girl Stella.

Stella was a wonderful puppy that ran around the shelter in spite of her bowed legs, which caused her to trip and fall occasionally. This did not stop this spirited little girl from enjoying life.

Kathryn fell in love with this little girl when she was working at the shelter and put in a good word for her at All Dog Rescue. Soon she was accepted in their program and today is a beautiful young husky. 

Her legs are straight now and she will be adopted- We hope for an update on her soon.

Thank you to All Dog for taking our needy pups and dogs into your care with great results. Just ask Stella!

Karen RLRR

Hi, Karen;

Stella was adopted right before Christmas - I'm attaching a picture of her sleeping on her toys while she was here with us, as well as a picture of her with her new mom and dad on the day they adopted her!


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Michelle Roy said...

We are so happy Karen that you helped Stella. We absolutely love her❤❤❤She is growing and doing great!! Thanks Michelle and Jim Roy


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