Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Against all odds: Rescue of Eden and her pups

A late-night call on January 4th came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to report that a stray dog was giving birth to puppies on bare frozen ground. The actual temperature was a brutal -25, plus the windchill.

The caller reported that five puppies were in the house and Eden, the mama, was outside.  The newborns were hungry and mama Eden was distressed to be separated from them.

What could RLRR do? I thought about our friend Avis who was within 2 miles of the puppies. I called her and she, of course, would help. Avis picked up the puppies and then went on a search for the mama. She found her in the outdoor dog house with two dead puppies.

Eden’s head hung low thinking she had lost all her precious babies. When Avis showed her the five surviving puppies, Eden perked up and started doing all she could to feed and groom her puppies.

Avis took Eden and the puppies to her home and then Eden began having more puppies- two more that also died. Avis transported the family out to the shelter in her laundry basket the next day.

Eden and her five surviving puppies are at the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter where Eden is doing her best to take care of her puppies. Eden is malnourished and has porcupine quills in her bottom lip so she must have been hunting to eat before she began whelping.

The phone call to RLRR and Arvis’s quick response to do all she did saved Eden and her pups against all odds. We do not yet know the final outcome, but Avis put all her effort into this rescue. We want to thank Avis who has through the years saved so many companion animals! What a lady!!


Lisa Quigley said...

Dog Bless you Avis and everyone else involved in this rescue.

Eileen Campbell said...

Thank You so much Avis

something clever said...

Thank you Avis!

Anonymous said...

Avis, you have a heart of gold! Many blessings to you and yours.


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